Anquist College Complex is a rapidly growing chain of best play school with emphasis on overall development of the child. Our activities are designed around age appropriate learning abilities, so that they take what is needed and right for them. We ensure that the children learn effectively & efficiently in a caring & loving environment where equal consideration is given to Social, Physical, Emotional & Intellectual development of the child. Our ultimate goal is to kindle the interest & passion in the child to learn & identify the hidden talents with the unique systems of Age Appropriate Developmental Methodology. Anquist College Complex, is offering Day & Boarding admission From 6 months to 2 years.

  • Crèche
  • Nursery
  • KG
  • Primary
  • JHS

No Admission fee, No school fee for the first term. For, J.H.S 1 and 2

Reasons Why You Must Bring Your Child to Anquist College Complex. Or what we called the 12 Disciples.

1. ICT and French Language is our landmark.
2. We have conducive environment for learning.
3. Our fees are moderate with flexible term of payment.
4. We have committed and dedicated teachers.
5. We have Football Academy and fun clubs.
6. We provide an appropriate program that gives each child the time they need to grow in all aspects like social, emotional, physical and intellectual.
7. We provide caring environment that encourages competence and self esteem.
8. We lay foundation for skill development in reading, writing and mathematics.
9. We foster an environment where teachers, parents and children work together.
10. We make the children understand the importance of moral and ethnical values.
11. We conduct weekly and monthly exams, tutorial, for our students and also conduct workshop for parents to help them bring up their children.
12. We give every child a memorable childhood and provide age appropriate development program effectively for the overall growth of a child. The school has also introduced Brass Band, a Debate club, Drama club, Boys & Girls Guide club, Red Cross, Cadet Club, Reading &Writing club, and Tae-Kwon-Do club etc. to enable them to exhibit their hidden talents.

The Anquist College Complex which is located at three regions in Ghana is offering educational service, from crèche to pre-University level.

  • College of Basic Education
  • College of Business Studies
  • College of Information Communication and Technology
  • College of Journalism & Acting and Media studies
  • College of Health Sciences
  • College of Languages
  • College of Adult education
  • College of Engineering (Vocational & Technical)
  • College of BECE & WASSCE remedial
  • College of Music
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  • Anquist Foundation