Anquist College Complex Ltd was established in the year 1998 as educational service to give intensive and professional training service from Basic school, S.H.S, Graduates, and Individual, Co-operate bodies and institutions both private and public. This training institution was established as a result of the fast growth of Information Technology making it essentially necessary for every one to be computer literate, and the fall in standards of many computer institutions due to lack of modern training facilities. Our specially designed and well structured training programs will assist all prospective trainees not only in knowing how the application packages are used but also have sound knowledge about the programs such that any new version can be handled with ease.

We train Professionals, Administrative personnel, Students and the General public. Our team of qualified and experienced lecturers offers in depth training in all fields of computers. We are one of the leading computer schools with the most modern laboratory and up-to-date software. Our stand-by generator guarantees continuous training. Our courses provide you with a competitive edge over your rivals in the job marketplace, where future employers are looking for graduates with excellent technical abilities. All the courses have a common curriculum, and at the start which named degree path way you want to follow. The courses encourage you to develop the expert Systems, Database, Network and communication technology. Our Centre is offering pre-university courses like Business, Information Technology, computing, Languages, down to primary level and we are well recognized by West African Examination council and other international examinations bodies.

The Anquist College Complex which is located at three regions in Ghana is offering educational service, from crèche to pre-University level.

  • College of Basic Education
  • College of Business Studies
  • College of Information Communication and Technology
  • College of Journalism & Acting and Media studies
  • College of Health Sciences
  • College of Languages
  • College of Adult education
  • College of Engineering (Vocational & Technical)
  • College of BECE & WASSCE remedial
  • College of Music
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  • Anquist Foundation
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